26 Fun Games to Play with Your Chihuahua

Looking for fun games to play with your Chihuahua?

If you’ve got a little furball of energy like our Chihuahua, Leo, you know they’re always up for some playtime.

Whether you’re looking for indoor or outdoor activities, interactive play or brain games, we’ve got you covered. Get ready to bond, exercise, and have a blast with your furry little friend!

If your dog is tired of playing the same games over and over again, then read on to discover 26 awesome games to play with your Chihuahua.

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26 Fun Games to Play with Your Chihuahua

1. Fetch

White long-haired chihuahua playing a game of fetch with a yellow toy in his mouth

The prime example of if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

Dogs never get tired of this classic game and for good reason!  Your Chihuahua will feel so proud of themselves as they eagerly bring back their trophy.

Grab one of your dog’s favorite toys. It can be a ball, a squeaky toy, or even a rolled-up sock. Throw the toy a good distance and wait for your dog to retrieve it.

Once they bring it back and drop it, give them lots of praise or reward them with a treat. 

Playing fetch is a perfect opportunity to reinforce proper release commands.

First, decide on a release word like “fetch” or “go.” After enough times your pup should associate the word with the game.

Now use a couple of different words to try and test your dog’s retention of the command.

There may be some instances where your dog takes off but with practice, you can get them to fetch precisely on command. 

2. Hide and Seek

Everyone remembers playing hide and seek as a kid. Well, now you can play it with your dog!

To play this game, tell your dog to sit while you run and hide somewhere.

Once you’re hidden, call out your dog’s name and have them look for you. Your dog will be so excited when he finally finds you! 

If your dog won’t wait by themselves, have someone else hold them, and then that person can assist your dog in finding you.

Try not to hide in too hard of a place or your pup might give up looking for you.

Some ideas of where to hide are the closet, bathroom, hallway, behind a door, or under the dining table. 

3. Tug of War

Since Chihuahuas have small jaws, the best toys for tug of war are a small rope or a small stuffed animal with a tail. 

Dangle the rope or toy in front of them or drag it across the ground and wait till they bite onto it.

Then gently tug it for 10 seconds or so and let go. Let them chew the toy a bit then grab it again. 

Letting your pup win a lot will boost their confidence and keep them interested. It will make the game more fun if they think they are stronger than you. 

Keep in mind that you should play gently so that your dog doesn’t get too aggressive. 

4. Hide and Seek Plush Dog Toy

This game requires a specific toy called a hide and seek plush dog toy. There are all kinds of variations like squirrels inside a log, monkeys inside a banana, or dolphins inside water. 

Our pup’s favorite is his squirrel log. It’s the perfect toy for your chihuahua to go “nuts” over and will engage your dog’s hunting instincts.

Just stuff the squirrels inside the holes and watch your dog dig in to pull them out. You can sneak a few treats into the log as well.

Individually, the squeaky squirrels also make versatile fetch and tug of war toys.

Being gentle on the teeth and gums makes this an excellent game.

A chihuahua playing with his hide and seek squirrel plush toy
Leo is searching for the squirrels

5. Puzzle Games

Test your dog’s IQ with increasingly challenging puzzles. There is a tier for every level of intelligence, from beginner to doggie Einstein. They are best for dogs that are food motivated. 

Puzzles will help your Chihuahua build coordination, confidence, and problem-solving skills.

There are many types of puzzle games like bobbers, mazes, sliders, flip boards, and our personal favorite, the dog brick puzzle.

We hide Leo’s favorite treats like these soft training treats in compartments that he has to slide, flip, lift, and knock away for him to access the goodies. Read our post for more of the best, healthiest treats for Chihuahuas!

Our adult chihuahua started slow but picked up on the puzzle’s intricacies within 3 days.

We were there to offer him a guiding hand and helpful hints which built up his confidence until he could do it on his own.

A chihuahua sitting in front of a brick puzzle toy
Leo is waiting to start his puzzle

6. Hide Treats

Hiding treats around the house is a great way to help boost your dog’s foraging and hunting skills. Your dog will love using her sniffer to go on a scavenger hunt for treats.

Have your dog stay and watch while you hide treats around the house.

Start with just one room so it’s not too hard at first. You can give your dog hints along the way if they need extra help.

Some of our favorite hiding spots are under pillows or blankets or even under chairs.

Later on, after they’ve gotten a hang of this game, you can make it more difficult. Hide treats in multiple rooms so they will really have to use their nose.

Or have them wait somewhere where they can’t see you while you hide the treats. 

7. Three Cup Game/Shell Game

Hustle your dog for some love with this hidden treat game! This classic parlor game has brought excitement to generations of gamblers with keen eyes.

By adding a treat to the mix, you can test your Chihuahua’s visual memory and scent detection. 

Start off slow as they might go for the goods before you have a chance to establish the rules. 

Get 3 cups and put a treat or a ball under one of them while your dog watches.

Encourage them to pick the right cup.

Once they understand the game, start mixing the cups up to really put their nose to work. 

8. Teach a New Trick

Since Chihuahuas are super intelligent, you could teach your dog another trick in no time!

When we adopted our dog, he knew absolutely zero tricks except for one: how to beg for treats.

However, teaching him tricks, even if they were basic commands, was an incredible bonding experience. 

Whether it’s a simple trick like “spin” or a fancy trick like riding a skateboard, it will actively stimulate their brain and help you grow closer. 

You can try teaching them “play dead” to be cast in a movie role, or maybe see if they are a falsetto by making them “sing.”

The next on our agenda is “open/close door” in case we ever get in an emergency.

9. Catch Bubbles

If you’re looking for a cheap but fun way to entertain your dog, catching bacon and peanut butter flavored bubbles is a great choice.

Chihuahuas love chasing and popping bubbles. Since dogs enjoy chasing things, they will be occupied for a long time. 

All you need is a wand and a bottle of bubbles.

You can even make your own bubbles using dish soap, but they won’t be as tasty. 

Playing with bubbles could get messy, so it’s best to play outside or put a towel down if you’re going to be indoors.

10. Clean Up Toys

Teaching your Chihuahua to help clean up is a good trick when your room always seems to be full of toys. 

First, your dog will need to learn to pick up a toy. Every time they pick up a toy, reward them. 

Next, you’ll need to instruct your Chihuahua to carry the toy to their bin.

This requires more guidance on your part.

Demonstrate putting the toys into the bin and use a phrase like “pick up” or “put toys away.” Give a treat each time they put a toy into the bin. 

Soon you’ll be able to enjoy a clean room after playtime!

11. Play Catch 

Playing catch is a simple game and your Chihuahua will love practicing it if treats or their favorite ball are involved. 

Try throwing a treat in the air and watch your dog jump up to catch it.

They may not be successful on the first few tries, so anytime they do catch it give lots of praise.

After enough practice, they’ll get the idea and become more accurate. 

Once your pup can catch treats like a boss, move on to these small Chuckit! balls or toy or even a small frisbee

12. Stay and Recall

This is a pretty simple game but will help your dog practice patience and obedience.

This will come in handy if you let your dog run around at the dog park or use a long leash.

They will come when called with ease after practicing this game.

Have your dog sit and tell them to stay. Start walking away slowly.

They might get up right away to follow you so just walk them back to their spot and try again. Once you’re a good distance away, call their name.

Praise and give a treat after they come to you. 

As time goes on, you can walk farther away to test their obedience.

13. Simon Says 

Simon Says is another childhood game that you can teach your dog to play with you.

Test how well your dog listens to commands and responds to visual cues since their attention will be on you and the command you say and act out. 

Start by calling out a command like “sit.” You will sit down and see if your dog follows. Next, try it with “lie down.”

Once your dog associates the command with the verbal and visual cue, try to add variations like acting out the command without saying it, and watch if your dog will mimic what you do. 

A proper execution of this game has your dog responding to both what you do and what command you say.

You might learn that they don’t always respond to sit, or maybe they confused it with something like spin.

14. Chase

Playing chase is great for when your dog has lots of energy or it’s a rainy day and you’re stuck indoors. 

You can start this game by grabbing a bag of treats and running around the house.

Your dog will surely run after you to get to those treats! 

Once they catch up to you, reward them with praise and a treat then start running again. You can mix it up by turning around and chasing your dog, too.

They will love running around with you!

15. Play with Flirt Pole

A flirt pole is a wand handle with a rope that has a lure attached to the end.

This is a great training tool and provides mental exercise as well as physical exercise. It’s a great option for dogs that love to chase things. 

You can play indoors or at the park, either way your dog will get a great cardio workout while utilizing their instinct to chase prey. 

Have your dog sit or lie down.

Then move the pole around in circles and have them chase it. Once they get it, tell them to release it and praise them or give them a treat.

Keep this going until your dog doesn’t want to play anymore.

16. Hurdles

Teaching your Chihuahua to jump hurdles is a fun way to spend time together.

You can make hurdles using small boxes or a rolled-up blanket or towel.

Start by setting out one hurdle.

Get a treat and have your dog follow you as you step over the hurdle. Repeat a few times until they understand the task. 

Next, have them sit a few feet away from the hurdle while you wait on the other side of the hurdle with a treat.

Call them over and hopefully they will jump right over the hurdle. If not, they may need a bit more practice.

Once they are a pro at one hurdle, you can add a couple more using the same method. 

19. Play Frisbee

Another fun game to play with your Chihuahua is frisbee.

Frisbee is basically another variation of fetch, but more exciting.

It’s a great way to keep your pet active and the colorful discs will be sure to capture their attention. 

Any size dog can learn to catch a frisbee and they even make small frisbees perfect for a Chihuahua. It’s best played outdoors since a frisbee travels pretty far. 

20. Agility Course

For this game, you can purchase an agility course for the outdoors or get creative and make your own at home. 

When making your own course, think about what obstacles you can create using items available in your home. 

For hurdles, you can use rolled-up blankets or towels. 

Tunnels can be made from cardboard boxes or a pop-up hamper with the bottom cut out.

If your dog gets claustrophobic by tunnels, you can use an old tire or hold up a hula hoop and coax your dog through. 

To have your dog do an army crawl, look for low furniture with space underneath such as a coffee table or ottoman. 

For zig zags, the items come secondary to demonstrating the action for your pup. Chairs, stacks of books, or even pairs of shoes will suffice as cones for them to zig-zag through. 

21. Chase an RC Car

Want to bring new levels of excitement to your pup while not having to leave the comfort of the couch? Then this game is for you!

Your Chihuahua will have a blast while burning off some energy.

Give your pup the exercise they need by letting them chase a remote-controlled car.

You can even put a treat or toy inside or on top of it to give them an extra incentive. 

22. Upstairs Downstairs

Encouraging your Chihuahua to run up and down the stairs will expend some of their energy. 

Tell your dog to wait at the bottom of the stairs while you go to the top.

Then call them and they will run up the stairs to you. Have a treat waiting for them as a reward. 

Now go to the bottom while your dog waits at the top and call them again.

Give them plenty of praise when they get to you. Repeat the cycle until they get tired out.

23. Go Find  ______

This is possibly the most advanced game on the list for a dog especially when there are a lot of toys in the bin.

This game could take a while to learn if you have not already named any toys yet, but like anything worth doing, we can break it down into steps

Step one: isolate the dog’s favorite toy (a squirrel in our case) and place it on the floor. Tell your dog to get said item and offer a reward when they do.

Step two: add in two household items of lesser value than the toy like a brush or a phone charger. With the three items in front of your dog, call out the name of the toy again, reward, and repeat. You can decide the order of the items however you please just as long as they continue to associate the name with the toy.

Step three: replace one or both of the household items with another toy to add to the challenge. Callout the original toy, reward, and repeat as many times as necessary

Step four: do it all again with a new toy until they’ve associated the name with each toy. Try to keep the total number of items involved in the training around 3 so as to not overwhelm your favorite buddy. 

Once the name of toy sits comfortably in your dog’s head, call it out by name and tell your pup to go find it.

They should take off as fast as a car in a drag race in search of the toy.

24. Which Hand

This game will keep your dog entertained by trying to sniff out which hand has the hidden treat.

This is a great game to improve their nosework. 

Start by hiding a treat in one hand behind your back. Put both hands in front of your dog and encourage them to find the treat.

They will use their nose to sniff it out and start scratching at the hand with a treat in it. 

Once you open your hand, your pup will be rewarded with the treat.

Next time you can hide the treat in your other hand, or try and trick them by using the same hand again.

Their nose won’t lead them astray!

25. Kiddie Pool Ball Pit

If you’ve got kiddos, chances are there’s a kiddie pool stashed somewhere at home.

Grab that pool, fill it up with these plastic balls, and let your Chihuahua dive in!

It’s like an adventure in their own mini ball pit.

They’ll have a blast wading through the colorful balls, pouncing, and just being their playful selves.

And here’s a bonus tip: hide some treats in there for a little scavenger hunt action.

It’s a paw-some game that’ll keep your Chihuahua entertained and tail-wagging!

26. “What the Fluff” Blanket Challenge

The “What the Fluff” challenge is a hilarious social media trend where pet owners playfully disappear behind a blanket or cloth, leaving their dogs bewildered.

It goes like this: you hold up a blanket, count down, and then, poof, you vanish behind it.

Your furry friend’s reaction is the star of the show as they try to make sense of your magic trick.

You pop back up from a different spot, often with a surprise like a treat or toy.

It’s a super fun way for pet owners to bond with their pups.

Benefits of Playing Fun Games With Your Chihuahua 

Now that you know what games to play with your Chihuahua, read on to learn about the benefits of play for both you and your dog.

1. Relieve boredom. Playing with your Chihuahua will entertain them and you will both end up having fun. This will help decrease problem behaviors like chewing things because dogs usually do that when they’re bored. 

2. Strengthen your bond. Grow your relationship with your dog and show them how much you love them by playing fun games and offering rewards. 

3. Learn new things. Teach your dog a new trick or buy them a dog puzzle to keep their mind sharp and focused

4. Exercise. Burn off some energy to keep your dog active to maintain strong bones and stay at a healthy weight. Chihuahuas need 30 minutes of exercise a day.

5. Reduce stress. Playing with your dog will help you feel less stressed and increase your happiness. 

6. Mental stimulation. Keep your Chihuahua’s brain active, enhancing cognitive abilities for a smarter pup.


As you can see, there are tons of fun games to play with your Chihuahua! Your dog will look forward to playtime every day. You’ll keep their mind focused and body active.


How Do I Know If My Chihuahua Is Bored?

Signs your Chihuahua is bored include restlessness, destructive behaviors like digging or chewing, excessive barking, sleeping a lot, attention-seeking behavior like pawing at you or whining, and lack of engagement.

How Much Playtime Do Chihuahuas Need?

Adult Chihuahuas typically need at least 30 minutes of exercise and playtime per day. This can include walks, playing with toys, and mental stimulation like puzzle toys or training. Some Chihuahuas may be more active than others, so pay attention to their cues.

How Do You Entertain A Chihuahua?

From playing fetch to engaging in interactive puzzles, you can keep your Chihuahua entertained in various ways. Try hide-and-seek with treats, tug of war, teaching a new trick, or setting up a mini agility course at home. Don’t forget to rotate their toy collection to keep things exciting, and consider arranging playdates with furry pals for social fun.

What Kind of Games Do Chihuahuas Like to Play?

Chihuahuas love to play fetch, tug of war, and hide and seek. Interactive toys that dispense treats and puzzle toys are a big hit too, providing both mental stimulation and tasty rewards. Some Chihuahuas enjoy chasing a flirt pole or catching a small frisbee for some high-energy excitement.

What Toys Do Chihuahuas Like?

Chihuahuas love squeaky toys and plush toys. Interactive treat toys keep them mentally engaged, while balls, chew toys, and tug toys provide hours of fun. Puzzle toys challenge their problem-solving skills, and stuffed Kongs filled with peanut butter are a hit. Flirt poles and bouncy balls add excitement to playtime.

How to Play With Your Chihuahua?

Playing with your Chihuahua is all about exploring a bunch of games and seeing what gets their tail wagging! Test out various games and pay attention to how your Chi reacts to each one. Once you’ve found their top favorites, mix it up by switching between these games so they don’t get bored.

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