14 Reasons Why Your Dog Wraps His Paws Around You

Are you wondering, “why does my dog wrap his paws around me?”

Being dog owners ourselves, we’ve had the privilege of witnessing all the behaviors and heartwarming gestures that our Chihuahua, Leo, displays.

This has sparked our curiosity and has prompted us to delve into the underlying reasons behind his actions.

Leo never fails to melt our hearts with his adorable gesture of wrapping his tiny paws around our arm whenever he is very excited or when we rub his belly.

So, why do dogs do this?

Let’s delve into all the potential reasons for this adorable doggy behavior and help you understand your beloved pup better.

a light brown dog has his paws wrapped around a lady's shoulders. She is thinking, why does my dog wrap his paws around me?

14 Reasons Why Your Dog Wraps His Paws Around You

Each dog is unique, and their reasons for displaying this behavior might differ based on their individual history, personality, and circumstances.

1. Attention

When a dog wraps his paws around your arm, it’s typically a clear sign that they are seeking attention.

It’s a gentle and endearing way for dogs to express their desire for interaction or to communicate their needs.

They use their paws as a means of communication, expressing their desire for us to pet them, take them outside, or get something for them.

Dogs might also bark, cry or whine, paw at you, or stare to get ask for attention.

2. Affection

Dogs often express their love and affection for us through physical touch since they rely on their natural instincts and body language to communicate.

Wrapping their paws around us is a display of love and a way to strengthen the bond between us and our furry companions.

One of the most heartwarming sights is when our Chihuahua wraps his tiny paws around us.

Dogs, like humans, find comfort and security in physical touch.

Other signs of affection are headbutting, following you around, licking you, and burying their head into you.

3. Wants to Play

Another reason why dogs wrap their paws around your arm is when they want to play.

When dogs are in a playful mood, they can exhibit their enthusiasm and eagerness by wrapping their paws around us.

They may even accompany their paw-wrapping behavior with joyful barks and a wagging tail.

This delightful gesture means they want us to engage in a fun activity like fetch or tug-of-war.

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4. Separation Anxiety

Dogs are highly sensitive, and certain situations or triggers can elicit anxiety, such as being left alone.

If your dog experiences separation anxiety, they may resort to wrapping their paws around you as a coping mechanism when you try to leave.

Other signs of separation anxiety include:

  • Excessive vocalization
  • Destructive behavior
  • Accidents indoors
  • Pacing and restlessness
  • Excessive panting and drooling

5. Fear

When dogs are scared or frightened, their instinctive response is to seek safety and comfort.

They might find solace in wrapping their paws around us, relying on our presence as a source of protection and security.

Or the opposite can be true, where some dogs prefer solitude and will go hide.

When dogs encounter something that triggers fear or anxiety, such as loud noises, balloons, flies, or brooms, they may turn to their trusted human companions for guidance. 

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6. Hunger

Dogs are great at using various forms of communication to convey their needs and desires.

Wrapping their paws around us can be one method to tell us they need food. 

It’s their way of saying, “It’s mealtime!”

This behavior is used to capture our attention and communicate their hunger.

7. Stress

When dogs feel stressed out or overwhelmed, they may resort to wrapping their paws around us to seek solace and support.

This behavior is a way to communicate their emotional state.

Stress can be triggered by loud noises, unfamiliar environments, separation anxiety, or even changes in routine or household dynamics. 

When faced with these stressors, dogs may find comfort in physical contact and seek the familiar presence of their human.

Our presence and touch can have a calming effect on their nervous system, helping them feel safe and protected.

8. Provide You Comfort

a tan chihuahua is lying on the couch with his paws wrapped around his owner's arm

Dogs have an incredible ability to sense our emotions and offer comfort when we are sad or upset.

They may instinctively wrap their paws around us, providing a warm and reassuring gesture. 

This display of affection is their way of trying to bring us comfort and alleviate our distress.

Their presence and physical contact can be incredibly soothing, helping to lift our spirits and remind us that we are not alone. 

9. Illness or Pain

When dogs are experiencing illness or pain, they might wrap their paws around us to alert us to their discomfort.

This behavior can serve as a subtle signal, indicating that something is wrong and they need our attention.

As attentive owners, it’s important to pay attention to any changes in our dogs’ behavior and consult a vet.

Signs of illness in dogs can include:

  • Weight loss
  • Decrease in appetite
  • Vomiting/diarrhea
  • Lethargy
  • Excessive thirst or urination
  • Trouble walking or breathing
  • Bloated abdomen
  • Inability to urinate

If your dog is exhibiting these signs, contact your vet or head to the nearest emergency vet.

10. Humping

a medium-sized dark dog has his paws wrapped around a lady's leg

Before dogs are about to start humping or mounting, they will wrap their paws around our arm or leg. 

Dogs hump as a way to display dominance, establish hierarchy, or release excess energy or excitement.

It can also be a sign they want to play or as a way to get your attention.

Humping behavior can be influenced by a variety of factors, including social dynamics, environmental stimuli, or simply a surge of energy.

11. Wants to Be Picked Up or Carried

If a small or medium-sized dog wraps their paws around your leg, it could signal their desire to be picked up or carried.

Small dogs, for example, may sometimes prefer to be held in our arms rather than walking on their own, especially when their little legs get tired.

Our Chihuahua, Leo, enjoys being carried and he seems to feel safer being up high where he can’t get stepped on.

12. Previously Reinforced Behavior

Sometimes, dogs may have learned that wrapping their paws around you leads to receiving positive reinforcement, such as attention, treats, or affection.

You may see it as an adorable gesture and starting baby talking or showering them with extra attention.

If this behavior has been rewarded in the past, they are more likely to continue doing it in the future as a way to receive those desired rewards. 

Dogs are intelligent creatures and quickly learn which behaviors result in positive outcomes.

13. Excited or Overly Tired

Another reason why your dog wraps his paw around you is when he is feeling excited or overly tired.

Excitement can cause dogs to exhibit various behaviors, and wrapping their paw around you can be a way of expressing their enthusiasm. 

It’s their way of seeking your attention and sharing in the excitement of the moment. 

On the other hand, when dogs are exhausted, they may wrap their paws around you.

Just like when babies get overly tired and restless, dogs can experience this too.

They might get the zoomies or misbehave or wrap their paws around you. 

14. Claiming Territory

a tan chihuahua has his paws wrapped around a man's arm

When dogs place their paws around you or your arm, it can be a way of claiming their territory.

By doing so, they are marking you as a part of their space, demonstrating their sense of ownership and loyalty.

This territorial gesture can be interpreted as a sign of trust and a desire to be close to you.

How to Stop Your Dog From Wrapping His Paws Around You

In this section, we will discuss several strategies to help prevent your dog from wrapping his paws around you if it has become an issue or is excessive.

Don’t Encourage the Behavior

If you don’t want your dog to continue wrapping their paws around you, then it’s essential that you don’t encourage the behavior by giving your dog attention when they do it.

Focus on rewarding good behavior and ignoring unwanted behaviors.

Redirect the Behavior

When your dog begins to wrap his paws around you, gently redirect his attention to something else.

Offer him a toy or chew to engage with, providing a different outlet for his energy. 

You can also request a different behavior, such as asking him to “sit” or “off” to discourage the paw-wrapping behavior.

Reward and praise him when he follows the alternative command or engages with the given toy or chew. 

Consistency and positive reinforcement will help your dog learn that these alternative behaviors are more desirable and rewarding.

Playtime and Exercise

Ensuring that your dog has ample playtime and exercise can help reduce the likelihood of unwanted or destructive behaviors.

Physical activity and mental stimulation help prevent boredom and pent-up energy, which often contribute to unwanted behaviors.

If you have a Chihuahua, check out our exercise guide to find out exactly how much exercise they need or if you need some fresh playtime ideas, we have a blog post featuring 24 games to play so your pup won’t get bored.

Positive Reinforcement

Providing treats or food when your pup stays by your side without paw wrapping can reinforce the desired behavior.

This will help train your dog to associate remaining calm and not wrapping his paws around you with getting something positive: the treats.

We recommend these 5 healthy treats for small dogs!

Addressing Anxiety Concerns

If our dog is showing signs of anxiety or stress, consider consulting with a veterinarian or professional dog trainer to address any underlying issues.


Now you have your answer to “why does my dog wrap his paws around me?”

This behavior can stem from multiple reasons and may vary from one canine to another.

Common explanations include seeking attention or comfort, expressing affection, humping, requesting to play, or marking their territory.

As social creatures, dogs use a diverse range of communication methods to interact with us.

By being attentive to your dog’s body language, you can learn valuable insights into their emotional state at that moment.


Why Does My Dog Wrap His Paws Around My Arm When I Pet Him?

When your dog wraps his paws around your arm while being petted, it may be their way of showing trust, affection, and attachment to you. Dogs are social animals and use physical touch to communicate their feelings. It’s their way of saying, “We love the attention and want you to keep the pets coming.”

Why Does My Dog Hug My Leg?

When a dog wraps its paws around your leg or hugs your leg, it’s because they are showing affection, asking for attention, or they are excited. They will also hug your leg if they are about to hump you or if they want to be picked up.

Why Does My Dog Wrap His Paws Around My Neck?

If your dog wraps his paws around your neck or hugs your neck, they are likely seeking attention, affection, or to establish a connection with you. This behavior is an expression of their love and bond with you. It’s even more special if your dog gives you a few licks on your face.

Why Does My Dog Hold My Arm Down and Lick It?

Dogs often hold our arms down and lick them as a form of grooming, bonding, or showing affection. This behavior indicates that they feel comfortable with us and want to maintain the connection. Additionally, licking can also be a calming mechanism or a way to alleviate stress for dogs.

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