9 Strange But True Reasons Why Dogs Lick Belly Buttons

As dog owners, we have all experienced our furry friends engaging in some unusual behaviors. 

One common question that baffles many of us is, “Why does my dog lick my belly button?”

While it may seem strange and somewhat amusing, there’s actually a variety of factors that could contribute to this peculiar habit.

Our own Chihuahua, Leo, shares a fascination with sniffing belly buttons, which piqued our curiosity and prompted us to explore the reasons behind this peculiar habit of licking.

In this article, we uncover the possible explanations for why dogs lick belly buttons.

a woman wearing a sports bra has her hands around her belly button

9 Reasons Why Dogs Lick Belly Buttons

Various factors contribute to dogs licking human belly buttons. Let’s explore these reasons to provide a better understanding of this behavior.

1. Curiosity

Dogs use their sense of smell and taste to gather information about their environment. A dog’s heightened sense of smell plays a crucial role in their curiosity towards their owner’s belly button. 

Natural body odors or remnants of soap, lotion, or sweat may be intriguing to our pets, leading them to investigate further by licking the area.

2. Show Affection

a dog licking the belly button of a woman

One reason dogs lick our belly buttons is to show affection. Dogs have their own ways of expressing love and care. Licking is a common way for our canine friends to display their attachment.

Dogs have a natural instinct to lick, whether that’s licking themselves, your bed sheets, licking inside your nose, your legs, or licking other dogs’ eyes.

3. Attention

Another factor that can contribute to dogs licking belly buttons is their desire for attention. Dogs are intuitive creatures and can perceive when their owners are preoccupied or not giving them sufficient attention.

Licking the belly button area, which is often within their owners’ line of sight, can be a strategic way for dogs to capture attention and regain their owners’ focus. 

By engaging in this behavior, they ensure that they remain the center of their owners’ attention and receive the desired interaction, whether it’s petting, playtime, or verbal acknowledgment.

Other ways dogs try to get your attention is by barking, whining, pawing, headbutting, and staring.

4. Boredom

Another reason why dogs lick belly buttons is due to lethargy and boredom. This can contribute to dogs seeking stimulation through unusual behaviors like licking their owner’s belly button.

When dogs feel lethargic or bored, they may search for ways to engage their senses and alleviate monotony. 

By licking your belly button, your dog may find a temporary source of mental and physical stimulation, which can help alleviate their restlessness and provide a brief reprieve from their boredom.

While it may seem unusual, dogs are actually naturally curious creatures who seek out new sensations.

It’s important to provide dogs with regular exercise, mental stimulation, and interactive playtime to prevent excessive boredom and redirect their energy toward more appropriate activities.

5. Anxiety

When dogs feel anxious, they may resort to licking as a coping mechanism. If a dog licks their owner’s belly button, they might be trying to manage their anxiety by seeking reassurance, comfort, or relaxation.

Licking can provide dogs with a sense of familiarity and security, as the act releases endorphins that promote a calming effect. By focusing on licking, dogs redirect their attention and attempt to soothe themselves during stressful situations. 

However, it’s important to address the underlying anxiety and provide appropriate support and training to help your dog manage their emotions more effectively.

Creating a safe and comforting environment can also contribute to reducing anxiety-related behaviors.

6. Positively Reinforced Behavior

Positive reinforcement plays a crucial role in dogs associating belly button licking with desirable outcomes. 

Owners may unconsciously or consciously reward their dogs’ belly button licking through laughter, petting, or even treats, inadvertently encouraging the dog to repeat the act.

Dogs are quick to pick up on the positive response from their owners and learn that licking the belly button results in attention or rewards. 

This can create a reinforcement loop, where the dog continues to engage in the behavior to seek the pleasurable outcomes associated with it.

It’s important for owners to be mindful of the behaviors they reinforce and to redirect their dogs’ attention toward more appropriate and desired actions

7. Grooming

a tan chihuahua licking his lips

Grooming behavior could be an explanation for dogs licking their owners’ belly buttons. 

Dogs tend to groom each other to maintain social bonds and cleanliness. Instinctively, they may attempt to groom their owners, too, extending their care to us by licking our belly buttons.

The belly button area can be prone to sweat accumulation, making it an enticing spot for dogs to lick due to the saltiness and appealing scent.

By grooming this area, dogs may also be fulfilling their natural instinct to keep their pack members clean and groomed.

8. You Have a Wound or Illness

Dogs have an incredible sense of smell and can detect the smallest changes in our bodies.

If you have a wound or an infection, your dog may be able to detect it and may lick your belly button in an attempt to help clean and heal the area. 

Dogs have been known to exhibit remarkable abilities in detecting diseases and medical conditions (like diabetes, cancer, and seizures) using their nose, and they have been trained for various scent-detection tasks in healthcare settings. 

While it is fascinating how dogs can use their olfactory senses to identify health-related issues, it’s important to note that their licking should not replace proper medical care.

9. Hormonal Changes and Pregnancy

During pregnancy, women experience hormonal changes that can alter their scent. Dogs, being highly perceptive creatures, are likely to pick up on these subtle hormonal shifts and scent changes. 

As a result, your dog may exhibit increased interest in your belly button and may be inclined to lick it, sensing that there is something different about you. 

Dogs have been known to sense pregnancy due to their exceptional sense of smell.

This heightened awareness may lead them to become more protective and nurturing towards their pregnant owner, as they instinctively recognize the presence of new life.

a dog is licking the belly button of a pregnant woman

Should You Stop Your Dog from Licking Your Belly Button?

Deciding whether to stop your dog from licking your belly button depends on various factors and what you are comfortable with. While it may seem innocent for your dog to lick your belly button, there could be situations where it may be necessary to intervene.

For one, licking can potentially become a problem if it becomes obsessive or excessive. If your dog is constantly focusing on licking your belly button or other body parts, it could lead to the development of a compulsion. 

If you have a wound or infection in the belly button area, it’s crucial to prevent your dog from licking to avoid complications.

There’s also a risk of your dog accidentally ingesting lotion, soap residue, or bacteria from your skin, which may cause digestive issues or infections.

If you are concerned about your dog’s belly button licking behavior or believe it might be a symptom of a larger problem, it’s advisable to consult with a veterinarian or pet behavior specialist.

In the next section, we have some suggestions for dissuading your dog from licking your belly button.

How to Train Your Dog Not to Lick Your Belly Button

a brown and white dog is licking his lips

If you are not a fan of your dog licking your belly button and want to curb this behavior, that is understandable! Let’s delve into how you can get them to stop licking it.

Redirect the Behavior

One effective approach is to redirect your dog’s attention when they start licking your belly button. 

If you notice them starting to sniff your shirt or about to start licking, gently guide them away from your body and redirect their focus to a more suitable activity.

You can throw a squeaky toy, play tug of war, or have them do a trick to get their miind off licking.

By reinforcing positive behaviors, you can teach them that there are more enjoyable activities than licking your belly button.

Good Hygiene and Grooming

Taking care of hygiene and grooming may also deter our dogs from licking our belly buttons. Regularly clean and bathe to minimize any scents and sweat that may be attractive to your dog. 

This includes keeping your belly button clean and lint-free to reduce any curiosity your dog may have regarding its scent. 

By practicing good hygiene, we can keep dogs from being attracted to belly buttons due to odor, sweat, dirt, or debris.

Restrict Their Access

To prevent your dog from licking your belly button, restrict their access to that area. If they can’t get to it, then they can’t lick it.

One way to achieve this is by keeping your shirt on and not allowing them to lift it up. By covering the area, you create a physical barrier that prevents their tongue from reaching your belly button.

If you are consistent, eventually they will get the idea that it is not allowed.

Appropriate Exercise and Mental Stimulation

Providing our dogs with the appropriate amount of exercise and mental stimulation can help in managing unwanted behaviors. Offer a variety of engaging and interactive toys to keep them occupied and entertained. 

This can help prevent boredom and reduce their fixation on licking your belly button.

Here are some options:

  • Chews and chew toys – dogs love to chew, so providing them with safe and healthy chews can help satisfy this natural instinct.
  • Puzzle toys – introduce toys that require mental stimulation, such as treat-dispensing toys or puzzles. These toys engage your dog’s mind and provide a fun and challenging activity, keeping them mentally occupied.
  • Playtime – regular play sessions and fun games like hide-and-seek or tug-of-war can redirect their energy and focus.
  • Walking – take your dog for regular walks and provide opportunities for physical exercise.


Now you have your answer to “why does my dog lick my belly button?”

Dogs lick belly buttons for a variety of reasons, including curiosity, affection, grooming, anxiety, or boredom. 

However, it’s important to note that excessive licking can be a sign of an underlying health issue or behavioral problem, and it’s always best to consult with a veterinarian if you have concerns about your dog’s behavior. 

If you’re uncomfortable with your dog licking your belly button, our tips will guide you on training your dog to stop this behavior.


Why Does My Dog Sniff My Belly Button?

When your dog sniffs your belly button, they are trying to gather information about you, such as your scent, your health status, or even your emotional state. Dogs also sniff areas of the body that are rich in sweat, such as the belly button, as these areas can provide more information about a person’s scent. 

While it may seem odd or uncomfortable to us humans, sniffing is a natural behavior for dogs and is a way for them to interact with the world.

Do Dog Licks Mean Kisses?

When our dogs lick us, it’s natural to wonder whether they’re trying to give us kisses or not. While dog licks can be a sign of affection, it’s important to remember that dog love and human love are expressed differently.

Dogs lick to establish social bonds and show submission. They may also lick us because they enjoy the taste of our skin, which is salty due to sweat.

So while dog licks could mimic kisses, it’s more accurate to say that they are an expression of affection and social bonding, rather than a direct translation of human love.

Why Does My Dog Lick My Pregnant Belly?

During pregnancy, a woman’s body undergoes hormonal changes that can alter her scent. Dogs have a keen sense of smell and can detect these changes. Licking the pregnant belly may be their way of exploring and understanding the new scent. 

Licking a pregnant belly can be a way for them to show empathy and provide comfort during this special time. They may be drawn to the warmth and the nurturing bond they feel with their pregnant owner.

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